road trip { seven magic mountains + zion } spring break 2017

February 28, 2017 Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Have you ever taken off on a trip to a destination with absolutely NO plan in mind? Well this is exactly what we did this spring break when we took off to Zion with a couple cameras, a "trail mix" playlist, and tons & tons of food (tons & tons = we spent an entire five minutes trying to close to trunk because it was overflowing with it). 

Our first stop was Seven Magic Mountains in Vegas! 

10/10 would recommend getting to this place at golden hour for the most BEAUTIFUL lighting and perfect weather.

And also 10/10 would recommend trying to climb on the exhibit.

PS. Do you really think I would let these beauties get away with running around the middle of the desert in Nevada with me without having a mini photoshoot with them as my models?

Probably the highlight of the trip was arriving at Zion close to midnight without having a plan of where to sleep. After driving around the surrounding areas, driving along sketchy cliffs to try to find free campsites ( - very questionable) and almost camping at both a cemetery and in the middle of parking lot (both true), we ended up settling for being the first in line for the first-come, first-serve camping spots at Watchmen's in the Zion Park. Highly recommend if you want to sleep in a freezing car and hardly sleep, but also spend the night laughing and documenting the whole thing via Insta Live.

It's not surprising we were eager once we arrived at our campsite to start eating - our favorite thing to do on this trip. 

Our time in Zion consisted of gorgeous drives through the park & a number of hikes - our favorite being Angel's Landing!

A little scary and a lot of work getting to the top, but the view was by FAR worth it. 

The rest of our hikes were less strenuous but strikingly stunning. Here are a few shots from the Emerald Pools hikes next to Angel's Landing!

PS. There is a waterfall right above Jo in this shot! 

It's not an exaggeration to say that our trip consisted purely of laughter - which is why I adore this photo of Christine. From our insane picnics to playing poker with Oreos to binge-listening to Up & Vanished (our new podcast obsession), I am so thankful for this spontaneous road trip & can't wait for our next adventure together!

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