Katie Crandall

April 25, 2017 Glendora, CA

I've been lucky enough to know the beautiful miss Katie ever since we were on the same hall together freshman year. It's safe to say that one of the things we relate on the most is our love for sunshine, which we've successfully enjoyed together throughout our years at APU from pool days at The Sandcastle to beach days to hikes and everything in between! This shoot was so fun because we got to run around our neighborhood! Thanks for being the very best model (seriously) and even better roommate. Love you, Katie!

Gabby Bowman

April 22, 2017 Glendora, CA

Gabby Bowman is joy, laughter, and sunshine. This shoot was such a blast because whenever I am with Gabby I feel like I am always hysterically laughing, and this photoshoot was no exception. Not only is Gabby kind and full of life, but she is smart and hardworking... and I am beyond excited for her as she starts her next adventure when she moves across the country in the fall (to attend Princeton)! I am proud of you & thankful for you, Miss Gabrielle. :) 

Abbie Catron

April 16, 2017 Laguna Beach, CA

Abbie's senior session was amazing, not only because it was at my favorite photo spot (Thousand Steps!) or because the lighting just happened to be flawless, but because I got to hang out with a sweet friend from my study abroad to South Africa and her lovely little sister Abbie who was graduating from high school! Not only was it a celebration of Abbie's final weeks as a senior, but what was also exciting was learning she would be coming to APU... and majoring in business! And to top it off even more, she would be traveling in Europe this summer as well. Clearly, we had a lot to talk this evening! Anyways, shoutout to this adorable senior/soon-to-be graduate/APU student for such an awesome shoot! 

Emily + Kimi

April 6, 2017 Glendora Mountain Rd, CA

Hanging with Emily + Kimi is always a treat. This is a beautiful best-friendship, something I have always admired! The two of them have not only stuck with each other since our freshman year at APU, but have travelled Europe together in their study abroad in Spain. Both of them are strong souls who not only know how to work hard, but also be goofy and have fun. Whenever I am with the two of them, I am constantly laughing – and I think that's something special. Thanks for letting me take your sweet roomie senior portraits! 

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