Christine Khoury

April 29, 2017 Glendora, CA

I have had the privilege of calling Christine my coworker, roommate, and best friend. Christine and I met our very first day of work at the Center for Student Action, and from then on started a friendship that continued throughout our time at APU and I am certain will continue forever. She has given me the clearest picture of what it means to not only love others, but make certain they know how loved they are – not only through her words, but her gift for encouragement note-writing  and cooking too of course! I also got the chance to photograph her incredible artwork, which you can see down below.  I am so pumped to be living with her again soon and have gorgeous creations like these all over the place!

PS. A ladybug kept landing on Christine & her art! Coincidence?

... I think not! 

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