May 18, 2017 Athens, Greece

Probably the most exciting part of our stay in Athens is that we weren't supposed to be there in the first place. It was just our luck that the day we were passing through the Athens Airport to get to Mykonos was the first day of the transportation strikes that got us stranded for 3 nights in a city we didn't know much about. But to our surprise, it ended up being a highlight of our trip!

Day 1  Travel Day + Surprise-You're-Going-to-Athens Day. After a day full of flight delays and travel chaos, Katie and I found ourselves in the Athens airport at 8:30pm clinging to the spotty wifi and frantically requesting every *affordable* Airbnb we could find in Athens. After about 6 no's, we were pretty hopeless until our new friend Dimistris came to our rescue. "Meet my cousin Spiros at the small parking space next to a Tavern called Scholarchio." Despite the almost sketchy request, we hailed a taxi and headed into the city of Athens which we knew absolutely nothing about. But to our surprise, as we pulled into the city, we were greeted by the cutest little villages, bustling city streets, ancient ruins on either side of us, and a drive-by tour by our taxi driver. 

Day 2-3  The City of Athens. Our Airbnb was probably the best part of our entire Athens experience. Spiros ended up being the sweetest father who showed us our way through the cute little town and made us feel right at home. Our two-bedroom apartment was in a quaint, little complex with an huge back patio and a balcony overlooking the city. Not to mention  it was directly underneath the Acropolis so we never had trouble finding it after wandering around! 

On our first day we explored the beautiful Athenian village below us and found ourselves (many times during the trip) in an adorable alleyway of steps completely surrounded by beautiful little Greek restaurants and cafes. 

This street was literally out of a fairytale! 

The owner of the first restaurant we went to on the street spoiled us with bread, omelets, and full glasses of wine which made our first meal in Greece beyond ideal. And although I didn't get to capture all of it on camera, the food from Greece was from another world. Not only was the Greek salad bomb here (as you would imagine), but I would like to take special note of the feta cheese! We discovered from Athens that feta cheese would become our new favorite food that we would order whenever we went to a sit-down restaurant  and we were lucky to often find it as a common appetizer on its own! 

Even though we may have had bad luck with the strikes and the rainy weather, we had amazing luck with the fact that the day we ended up in Athens happened to be National Museum Day, which meant we got free entry into the Acropolis! 

At the very top of the hill, you can get a 360 view of Athens which literally goes on as far as the eye can see if every direction  definitely the biggest city expanse we have ever seen! 

Besides the Acropolis, we explored a lot of the streets, neighborhoods and shops...

...and also hangout on our balcony quite a lot with the camera. 

I mean, look at this view! 

It's also probably important to point out that in Greece, there is a cat on every street. And many of them! A lot of the time, the cats will walk into the eating areas and hangout under your table by your feet while you eat. So yes, Greece is definitely a place to go if you're a cat person! 

Besides a few bumps along the road due to the strikes (which we discovered were extended another 24 hours...after we already took an hour taxi to the ferry port at, we still had such a blast and took full advantage of Athens in those few days  we may just need a few extra naps to get us through! The evenings were the best, too as we were able to experience the stunning views from our back patio of the city at sunset, as well as further experience the Greek culture. We made sure to take advantage of the authentic food, live music at every corner, and even dancing with Greeks at the restaurant we had our very first meal!

Athens was a surprise feature of our trip to Greece and blew us away to say the least. Now off to Mykonos! 

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