June 1, 2017 Mykonos, Greece

Day 4  Twenty-Four Hours in Mykonos. GO! Mykonos was out of this world. We woke up at 2:30am, walked through Athens to the bus stop, and arrived at the airport eager as ever. Because the strikes kept setting us back, we were so worried we wouldn't make it to Mykonos after all  but as soon as the plane landed, we knew it was finally real and had the whole 24 hours on the island  and boy did we pack in everything! 

Our Airbnb was unbelievable  bright, beachy, and all white with the classic blue windows shutters. Because we missed out on three nights here, our hosts gifted us with an upgrade to the "junior" suite, which was the upstairs bedroom that had a balcony overlooking the entire town. Talk about views and again, amazing hosts! 

Of course, Katie was my model as we took advantage of every picture perfect spot on the way out to explore. Anyone want to take their senior photos in Mykonos soon? ;) 

As soon as we ate the beautiful and very Greek-esque breakfast at our b&b (eggs, bacon, fruit, cucumbers, bread, and of course... feta cheese!) we took a quick nap and were off!

We rented a quad for the day and started off our adventure by beach hopping  the best way to experience Mykonos!

The famous Paradise Beach was first on the list, where we brought our GoPro and snagged some gorgeous photos of the walk there featuring beautiful walls, fences and paintings that built up the excitement for our beach pizza and pina coladas! 

After that, we rode down to Paraga, where we hung out a beautiful beach hostel, made some friends (from California of all places!) and even jumped off a dock into the ocean. (Side note: The water in Greece is FREEZING in May!)

After our beach day adventure, we came home to shower and rode the coast to see Mykonos Town, a place we wish we had more time in because of its insane beauty! We were able to make it just in time to catch the sunset, which people crowded around the entire waters' edge to witness. From there, we ate a lovely pasta & bolognese dinner with the usual white wine, explored the breathtaking alleyways, shops and bars of the town, and finished the night back at Paradise where we danced the night away at a beach paint party!

Although our time was short, our trip to Mykonos was invaluable and literally out of a movie. 24 hours is definitely not enough, but it was so beyond worth it for us and we have already been talking about the next time we are going there together! Mykonos has made it to my top three places in the entire world  that's how highly I recommend it! Anyways, that brings us to our next stop: SANTORINI! 

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