Makowski Family // 1 Year

September 15, 2017 Hollywood Hills, CA

Happy 1st Birthday, Mairyn! I have had the honor of taking photos for the sweet Makowski family both to celebrate Mairyn's first six months, and now her one year! This session was just a week after her 1st birthday party, and just a week before these three took off for their ten-day adventure to Norway to go on hikes and explore the cutest little mountain towns (and experience the Northern lights!). This family is not new to traveling though; in fact, Steve and Ashley have travelled the world together and Mairyn has become quite the traveler herself in her one year of living  from Hawaii to Bridgeport to the East Coast to everywhere in between! I am so excited to see all the more adventures she goes on in life from what she's learned from her parents. Love you three so much! 

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