tyler + savannah

November 20, 2017 Santa Monica, CA

Savannah and Tyler are out of a romance novel. These two newlyweds got hitched in Charleston this past summer and moved straight from across the country from the south to Southern California. The beautiful words and quotes and Bible verses that sit on their shelves and hang on their walls in the charming little home they have created together are only a small reflection of who they are as a couple. Fun fact: They started out the beginning of their relationship by walking around handing out flowers to random strangers, because they wanted to build their relationship around serving others. Their love for Jesus shines through every conversation you have with them. And they have dedicated to created a special place in their home for people to feel safe and comforted and loved  and I'm pretty sure they have succeeded at doing just that. I had the blessing of capturing their love both in their home and in their new city, and it was nothing short of a blast! Thanks for running around with me while I squealed at every shot I took. Love you both!

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